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Why we’re here. The Rebis will explore the relationship between tarot and creativity through essays, poetry, interviews, and art. We’ll be weaving stories grounded in mythology, psychology, spirituality, and metaphysics — and building a community of multidimensional thinkers, writers, artists, and educators along the way.

About our name. The Rebis take our name from the Latin res bina, meaning double matter. The Rebis is the result of the “great work” in alchemy: the pursuit of the philosopher’s stone.

Metaphorically, it represents a harmonious union of opposites – death and rebirth, body and soul, light and shadow.  It felt like a fitting name for a publication devoted to tarot and creativity, to the pursuit of integrating the conscious with the unconscious and finding wholeness within.

We’re not-for-profit. The Rebis commits to amplifying and centering underrepresented voices, paying artists and writers fairly for their work, and redistributing profits to social justice causes.  Learn more.

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Hannah Levy

writer • poet • founder of The Rebis, a print magazine devoted to tarot, art & creative writing