I’m learning that in poetry, and in life, silence holds rhythm and structure. The space between words allows thoughts to breathe. It provides contrast…

January 2023

On creative hibernation and the art of rest

November 2022

Publication updates + an extended social media break

October 2022

"Every time we look at a card, we (re)create its meaning." - Davis Carr
Queen of Pentacles, The Hanged One + The Rebis launch party
“Tarot connects you to yourself, so you can learn what you desire”

September 2022

"Engaging with our creative nature is like building a home for one's soul self"
The Rebis is a new print publication celebrating the connection between tarot and creativity. For our first anthology, we invited writers, artists, and…
"I try to meet with my muse every day, even if it's just to collect images"

August 2022

The Wild Unknown, The Wheel of Fortune, and paying attention

July 2022

The Ace of Cups, Pleasure Activism, and redwood trees
A conversation with Eryn Johnson, queer breathwork facilitator and writer